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We all know that America is the best country in the World – so Matt Potts and I put together a recording of all the Armed Forces songs for Memorial Day. We sent the video out on all of our social media sources this past Monday, but if you missed it:



Another 5 Star Review

I took a Potts & Pans Trio to the Chicago Cigar Show this year, was was an opening event for the Chicago Pipe Show. I go to this show every year, and was super excited to land this gig. Show Coordinator Craig, along with the many guests, loved the music, and we are scheduled to return next year!CCS Review

March Update

Well the site is coming along – be sure to click the links above to see the new info as it gets added!

In the meantime, February was a rather busy month. Potts & Pans performed with the McHenry Country Youth Orchestra, and we had a number of combo performances all over Illinois.

March is looking to be really exciting as well! Right now, Matt and I are in Antioch promoting P&P and The Steelpan Store. Later this month, my Brazillian Combo at Roosevelt will be playing at the Jazz Showcase, I’ll have my Graduate Recital, Totem has a show at Jerry’s, and the month will close out with P&P at the Crystal Lake Expo!

See you around.

Blog Post

Blog Post

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Anthony Jay Houston

Hey There – Looks like you’ve found your way to my new site. It’s under construction at the moment, but you can keep up to date at these social media sites:

More Coming Soon!

Dirt Championship

Dirt Championship

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Clean Air

Clean Air

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Learn Something New

Learn Something New

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