This past week was a good one for gigs. I got to do 3 with Potts & Pans, each very rewarding. The first was a private event for a women with terminal breast cancer. Getting to bring smiles and laughter into the house was amazing, and this performance was very special. We also did an educational trio out in Park Ridge. Lastly, I finished the week with a solo performance out in Lake Forest. This was for the Betty Bash, which was an awesome fundraiser hosted by the Mothers Trust Foundation. It was hosted in the Lake Forest College, which was beautiful, and was complete with silent auction, food, drink, karaoke, and steelpan! I got to play for 90 minutes, all reggae, on my double seconds. This was a ton of fun, the music coming out of my pans was great. I was really digging the solos and voicing I was creating, and the excitement in the audience due to my music was palpable. I played traditional reggae tunes, but also did some reggae arrangements on jazz standards or pop tunes, which was awesome! I had a particularly good time because I was using one of our new iPads instead of a music binder, and one of our new EV speakers. The use of both was easy, and they worked great. After the show, they invited me to take part in some of their food – and I was thrilled! They had curry chicken, fresh guacamole and tacos, pasta and red wine, plus more than I could fit onto my plate. All together, this was a wonderful event, and I was happy to be a part of it.

Please check out my post over at Potts & Pans to see some more information about these three shows!

The weekend ended with the Band Showcase at CLC. All the area schools were around and I really enjoyed all the shows. I am really proud of the CLC drumline and the work they’ve done this year. You can catch us one at least once more for this Friday’s (10/31) play-offs game.


Stay tuned for more.