“I was looking to add something special during our ceremony I found the exact thing I was looking for! My fiancée and I were looking to add something to our wine ceremony (thing during our actual ceremony) and Anthony Houston, a member of Potts and Pans suggested he could arrange a unique piece for us and just wanted to get my opinion on a few piece of music. I met with him and listened to several pieces from various jazz musicians, gave him my opinion on them and stated clearly what “feeling” I was hoping for. I knew he played the vibes, wonderfully I might add, and knew the piece would be played on that. Day of the wedding and he has already spoken and conversed with the officiant about timing, speakers were tested and set up, microphones worked, and when the time for the wine came Anthony stepped over to his instrument and played a beautifully arranged piece that was exactly on mark to what we wanted. I was never once disappointed in the professionalism, expertise, or value of this group and would definitely seek them out again if I am looking for some good music to be played for a special occasion!” –Mark R.

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